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Foreign trade turnover

The sum of the values of export and import of country or group of countries for definite period: the month, quarter, year. IN Russia the turn-over of foreign trade is taken into account is strict for calendar period irrespective of, trade agreement (protocol) and plan of which of period the importation and removal of goods are proceeded.

Fringe benefits

1. Non-monetary benefits offered to the employees of a company in addition to their wages or salaries. They include company cars, expense accounts, the opportunity to buy company products at reduced prices, private health plans, canteens with subsidized meals, luncheon vouchers, cheap loans, social clubs, etc. Some of these benefits, such as company cars, do not escape the tax net.

2. Benefits, other than dividends, provided by a company for its shareholders. They include reduced prices for the company's products or services, Christmas gifts, and special travel facilities.