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Golden handcuffs

Golden handcuffs are a system of financial incentives designed to keep an employee from leaving the company. These can include employee stock options which will not vest for several years but are more often contractual obligations to give back lucrative bonuses or other compensation if the employee leaves for another company.

Golden handcuffs are a response by the companies in industries where it is common for highly compensated employees to frequently move from one firm to another, often before the company feels that it has earned a return on the investment in the employee.

Golden parachute

A golden parachute is an agreement between a company and an employee (usually upper executive) specifying that the employee will receive certain significant benefits if employment is terminated. Sometimes, certain conditions, typically a change in company ownership, must be met, but often the cause of termination is unspecified. These benefits may include severance pay, cash bonuses, stock options, or other benefits. They are designed to reduce perverse incentives.

Gross payroll

A company employee salary calculated proceed from existing wage rates or rates of pay before a moment of making deductions (various taxes, deduction for municipal insurance, payment and deductions); just gross payroll is used for definition sum industrial expenditure on labour payment.

Gross profit

The gross profit shall be the sum of the profit (of the loss) from the realization of the products (works, services), of the fixed assets (including the land plots) and of the other property of the enterprise, and also from the incomes from the extra-realization transactions reduced by the amount of expenditures by these transactions.

Gross sales

Cumulative sales (including sale on credit) in a given registration period, avaluated at total prices (prices of commercial invoices) without accounting of given discounts, returns of sold production, reductions of prices and other amendments.

Guarantees connected to resolution of collective labour dispute

While participating in the resolution of a collective labour dispute, members of a reconciliation commission and labour arbiters shall be released from their primary jobs, retaining their average wage for a period of not more than three months in the course of a single year. While participating in the resolution of a collective labour dispute, workers' representatives and their associations may not be subjected to disciplinary sanctions, transferred to a different job, or terminated at the employer's initiative without the consent of the body that authorized them for representative service. Federal Law No. 197-FZ of December 30, 2001 Labor Code of the Russian Federation

Guarantees to pregnant women and to women with children upon the cancellation of a labour contract

Employers shall not be allowed to cancel labour contracts with pregnant women on their own initiative, with the exception of cases where an organisation is liquidated. If a fixed-term labour contract expires during a woman's pregnancy the employer shall be required upon her request to extend the contract term to the time she becomes eligible for maternity leave. Employers shall not be allowed to cancel labour contracts on their own initiative with women who have children under three years of age, single mothers raising a children under fourteen years of age (or a disabled child under eighteen), and other persons raising children in these categories without a mother (with the exception of terminations under Item 1, Subitem a) of Item 3, Items 5-8, 10, and Item 11 of Article 81 of this Code). Federal Law No. 197-FZ of December 30, 2001 Labor Code of the Russian Federation